New Materials, More Possibilities!!

//New Materials, More Possibilities!!

New Materials, More Possibilities!!

We expanded our materials list!

New materials have been added with amazing mechanical properties:


ABS: ABS is a versatile material characterized by good durability properties, good impact strength and average shrinkage level. It is perfect for printing small elements, concept models and prototypes with moderate functional requirements. What is more, it’s very suitable for post-processing (painting, gluing, spackling, grinding, sandblasting, etc.). ABS models can be easily smoothened using acetone vaporizing method. Learn More…



ABS-Ultra: ABS-Ultra is definitely harder and more durable. Models printed from ABS-Ultra are stiffer and resistant to higher temperatures than those made from ABS. ABS-Ultra has a lower shrinkage level than ABS, therefore, it is perfect for printing large-sized models, even lifelike ones and those that are assembled from many elements, for example, engineering prototypes or end-use parts. Also, ABS-Ultra models have a semi-mat finish, whereas ABS has a mat finish. Models printed with ABS-Ultra are strong, stable and defect-free and they keep their initial shape. Such prints are suitable for various methods of post-processing like sanding, polishing, vaporizing and more. Learn More…


HIPS: HIPS is a durable and impact-resistant material. Thanks to its very low shrinkage level it’s suitable for large-sized prints and objects consisting of many elements, especially electronics and industrial machine covers (only when UV resistance isn’t necessary). HIPS is perfect for gluing, sanding, spackling and sandblasting and it has a unique matte texture. HIPS is highly recommended in architectural modelling due to its white color and low shrinkage which is perfect for creating big flat surfaces. Learn More…

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