3D Printing Meets Modern Art

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3D Printing Meets Modern Art

It’s really nice meeting people who do not complacent, seek new ways to develop their craft and we are very proud that such people choose our services to do so.

One such case is the artist Yorgos Papafigkos who, among other tools, utilizes 3d print as a creative tool. He recently exhibited pieces of his work that were made by 3d printing. Yorgos utilized 3d printing materials such as Nylon powder and gypsum powder for his works. The choice was based on the fact that he needed high surface quality since they were going to be exhibited.

These materials can 3d print very complex geometries without the need for support thus creating high quality objects with clean surface and high fidelity.

Look what is made when 3d printing meets Yorgos art:





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