Turn a watch into a photo-realistic model – Commissioned work

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We were requested by the client to create a photorealistic video reel for a watch in order to use it in the promotional video. He send us some photos and a demo watch for reference. Here is a photo of the product: We reversed engineered the watch and we 3d modelled it from scratch. Here is [...]

Character 3D Modelling and Production from scratch – Commissioned Work

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A client reached us with some photos and sketches of his favorite game character. He requested to turn those sketches into a three dimensional collectible figurine. We absolutely loved the idea and accepted his request. Those are some of the photos he provided. Based on his requirements regarding the posture, the colors and other details, [...]


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We are proud to collaborate with studios such as “It’s You” in Athens Greece, because collaboration such as this one create awesome pieces of work and excellent result. Such an example is the 1:100 accurate model of Corfu town. We were commissioned to 3d print in multicolor powder all the pieces used in the construction [...]

3D Printing Meets Modern Art

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It’s really nice meeting people who do not complacent, seek new ways to develop their craft and we are very proud that such people choose our services to do so. One such case is the artist Yorgos Papafigkos who, among other tools, utilizes 3d print as a creative tool. He recently exhibited pieces of his [...]

Convert your files to STL

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This tutorial will guide you through every platform available, that allow converting your files to stl format. But always bear in mind that you can only export 3D solid objects to stl format.   AutoCAD At the command prompt type “FACETRES” Set FACETRES to 10 Type “STLOUT” Select the objects Enter Y or hit Enter [...]

Price your 3D Prints with our new Calculator

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How many times have you wondered about the price of a design you would like to print and own? PlanFAB and its new calculator, now give you the ability to calculate the exact cost, material and time of production in a few clicks. This tutorial will guide you through the calculator’s properties. Step 1 Everything [...]

Project Daniel: Not Impossible

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The war in Sudan is one of the longest and bloodiest Africa has ever known counting numberless casualties and amputees. Daniel Omar was a 14-year-old Sudanese boy, when a bomb took his arms. The article about Daniel in Time magazine inspired Ebeling to assemble a team capable of creating a low-cost, 3D printed prosthetic, on [...]

Optimize your colors for Full Color Sandstone

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Introduction Full Color Sandstone (FCS) is the only material able to build full color 3d models. This material is perfect for visualization and applications that need detailed and colorful representation such as figurines, life-like models, avatars, architectural models and many more. How does it work? FCS printers work layer by layer, spreading, on its pass, [...]

3D Printing – The Digital Revolution

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A simple and elegant custom chess set Think of this way. You are at home, you want something, you print it and there is nearly no limit to what you can make. 3D printing is bypassing the traditional steps of design and production, as it allows complex objects to be created in a [...]

Derby the Dog Running on 3D Printed Prosthetics

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Derby the dog was born with a congenital deformity resulting in small forearms and no front paws, but thanks to 3D Print Systems the dog can now walk and run with his front leg prosthetics. Tara Anderson, director of product management at 3D Print systems, envisioned this idea in order to help Derby. Tara along [...]