Luna modular bicycle is 3D printed

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Luna modular bicycle is 3D printed


3D printing technology is being used in many fields but is it a transportation technology? The
London-based designer Omer Sagiv refutes those who say no, with his latest design: the
Luna 3D printed bicycle that has been accomplished featuring a large variety of 3D printed parts.


The artistic framework, for instance, has been 3D printed in nylon (presumably through FDM
Technology), while most of the metal components have also been produced using 3D printed
Technology. These include the handlebars and the front fork of the frame, which have been printed using SLS 3D printing technology. This design makes the bike lightweight, but solid and durable. Additionally, you can choose the color you’d like and customize it, so it fits your taste and needs. Then it’s a matter of hours to be printed and delivered to your home.


While many people have doubts about the price of the Luna bike, Sagiv is confident that the traditional parts that are used, are flexible repairable and interchangeable, which will save money and storage space, making Luna project affordable.



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